Mary-Anne Boarder was one of the first residents. She is an artist and art teacher from Cape Town and is happily retired in Napier.

‘I woke early to an owl hooting down my chimney. I could see the glow of sunrise threatening, and heard the crow of the roosters and other farm noises from my youth. The church bell struck the hour.

There is only one shopping street in our village and the buildings are old, some historic, with the double steps typical of Napier. There really is a butcher, a baker, and a candle-maker. The maker of candles is a company called Nobuntu, who provide employment in the village.

Surprisingly there are at least thirteen restaurants, which offer everything from delicious home cooked meals to gourmet feasts. And of course there are the local wines; Henry, Fynbos and the excellent Jean Daneel. At the dairy, I hand over my bottle to be filled from a giant milk tank. There is homemade feta, yoghurt , honey and local fresh produce on sale.

Do I miss fighting for parking at the shopping mall or the bustle of rush hour traffic? Not at all.’

Mary-Anne Boarder - Napier Resident
Artist and Teacher