Actual retirement costs revealed

It might be terrifying or it could be comforting … depending upon your circumstances … but Napier Retirement Village believes it’s best to know what the real costs of retirement are on a monthly basis because if you don’t know, it would be impossible to consider what you want and to then plan how you can have it.

So, for those who have always dreamt of retiring to the country but have been unsure of what this would cost, here’s a schedule of what’s on offer at Napier Retirement Village.

Napier Retirement Village offers various living options:  free-standing Cape vernacular styled country cottages for independent living start from R699 800, Terraced houses with north facing country views begin at R599 000 and courtyard units start at R399 000 for people who want a more manageable environment.  The table below illustrates the monthly levies and other costs residents at Napier Retirement Village would need to pay, depending upon the type of unit they choose.  The only other costs would then be  living expenses, medical contributions, personal insurance, electricity, meals and laundry.

COST2 Bedroom Cottage1 Bedroom Cottage2 Bedroom Terrace1 Bedroom TerraceCourtyard Unit
Village LevyR 1 651.00R 1 412.00R 1 425.00R 1 369.00R 1 313.00
Municipal levyR 505.43R 245.63R 259.80R 198.40R 136.99
Basic Caring serviceR 170.00R 170.00R 170.00R 170.00R 170.00
TotalR 2 326.43R 1 827.63R 1 854.80R 1 737.40R 1 619.99

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